Tuesday, 7 September 2010

More bunting

I'm persevering with my attempt to give a homemade gift for everyones birthday this year and have only slipped once so far (but I haven't forgotten that project - they will get it eventually!)

My latest effort was for darling Kitty who is now 2.

The colours hopefully match her bedroom - altho that is based from memory - fingers crossed everyone!

The lettering and animals are cut on my cricut using the zooballoo cartridge.  I couldn't quite decide what to do to the background of the paper but plumped for stamping in the end - mainly because I wasn't convinced that anyone would recognise the 'Y' as a 'Yak'. ;-)

The stars in each corner were a compromise solution as my stoopid crop-a-dile refuses to set eyelets.  I figured they would be less likely to tear over the holes if the sticker was there as a reinforcer and stars were all I had in (very) roughly the right colour.

Kitty's Mum has texted today to say it will go beautifully and she is planning to laminate each pennant so it lasts "forever".


  1. Brilliant bunting and how wonderful for a littly's bedroom.

  2. Wow fantastic!! and you have just helped me educate my son as I left him for several hours thinking about an animal beginning with Y, when in reality I couldnt think of one myself! lol xx

  3. That looks great, love all the letters and animals

  4. Gorgeous, this will look fab when it's up in her bedroom.