Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Oh no! Not another pocket card

These poscket cards are "all the rage" over on the MSE cards forum so I thought I'd have a go with a slight twist. I wanted to say thanks to my friend Emma for letting me 'look after' her cricut for her whilst she was on holiday and also for buying me some embossing folders for my cuttlebug whilst she was out there. So I've made a thank you pocket card but instead of putting the inner card in I've done her a few embossed pieces of card and card blanks (as she doesn't have cuttlebug). Papers are basic grey - Infuse;Spice (foreground) and purify (background. Lettters are also basic grey - sugared.
Thanks to Crafts by Carolyn for the template.
The other card is a goodbye card for a colleague who is leaving work to start a phd - one of those tricky male cards but I think its ok. Main paper is Crate Paper; Static-Reaction

Thursday, 25 June 2009

It's done! (and only just in time)

Mum and Dad are travelling down to Granny's tomorrow so I had to finish the album tonight. Her's the final 3 pages

Fisrt up is my favourite of them all - it's photos of me and my sisters when we were little. Photos from this era seem to be a bit thin on the ground. The papers are so beautiful that I really didn't want to do too much to them in case I spoiled them. They're from Cosmo Cricket; Gretel. The background paper is called Butterflies, the frames 'Woodland'. Lettering from Basig Grey - sugared.

Secondly 'Mum'
The first photo is from Granny and Grandad's 40th wedding anniversary celebration in 1998. The second one is of the family on holiday with Grandads trusty Standar 8 car by the side. Papers are by Crate Paper. Went a bit wild with the embossing on this one - have just treated myself to a cuttlebug as an early birthday present and embossing everything in sight!

Last one - 'Great Granny'. Photos of my Granny nowadays are few and far between - she's really not keen on having them taken but I managed to find 3 photos that between them have pictures of all 3 of her great- grandsons. Paper by Chatterbox: Paper Walls. Background paper is called Pebble Stripe, Frames are cut from 'Sunny Pinwheels.

I've posted the album in its entirety on my 'pics only' blog here

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Assessing Deliverables

Had my project management hat on this weekend First I assessed the current situation;

My album has 15 leaves, I have 5 completed layouts.
Then the available resource;
Mum and Dad are going to Granny's on Friday so I have to have it ready and wrapped by Thursday evening. So 1 weekend and 1 full evening available.

I realised if I was going to try and get all that done this scrapbooking business might not be so much fun!
So I've decided to remove 5 leaves from the album. Leaving 5 layouts to do.
Here's 2 from yesterday / today. Am going to try and get at least one other done this evening.
Guess who bought some card candy today! Popped into the craft den looking for some papers suitable for retro seaside pics but had no luck. Still it was worth the visit. I'll deffo be back for some more colours now I've tried them.
First up - the betrothed page - not 100% happy with the wording as it's merging into the background but it will just have to do. The first picture is of Granny and Grandad when they were engaged. The second is when they went on holday before they were married and had to take Granny's Granny and brother as chaperones. Papers from my Costco collection.

Secondly; Family;
Was going to put a picture of Granny and her Mum at Mum's wedding on this page then decided it would be nicer to have the whole family group. Paper by Crate Paper: Sweet Branch Collection - Flutter. Card candy by Craftwork Cards from the Craft Den.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

2 down - 10 to go!

Another layout of my Granny. This one was taken when she was pregnant with My Mum so was probably 1948. I struggled with this one a little as I wasn't quite sure what to do for the wording. I nearly went for 'with-child' as it seemed more like something I would imagine they would say in the forties. I was going to go with something along the 'blossoming, blooming lines but that seemed a bit too informal. Then 'mother-to-be' but that seemed a bit over formal. so I plumped for mum to be - Isn't if funny how the simplest part of your layout can take so long to sort out!

A mix of papers on this one. The background paper is by KI memories: Choices Collection - Posh One word. The frame and cut-outs are by Crate Paper; Baby Bee Collection - Pollen. The cream card used for the lettering and baby stickers are from my stash and the ribbon is from Craftastic in hillsborough, Sheffield. You'll have seen it before in blue on some of my baby cards.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


My Granny's birthday is in June not July!

How did I get that so wrong?

So, if I'm to giver her her scrapbook for her birthday, I have to 12 layouts in the next 9 days!

I'm going to give it a try though. Would it be rubbish to give someone a scrapbook with some empty pages at the back? I could give her some extra pages for Christmas then.

So here's the first of 12. How smart does my Grandad look with his gloves? And how beautiful and young my Granny looks! I can tell you I shed a tear (just a little one) doing this layout - they were so much in love!

Papers from my Costco collection and the paper lace was from Oap on the Crafty Place Forum. She sent me it in the stash swap and I've used it all up now. Will have to buy myself some as I really liked using it.

Monday, 15 June 2009


My sis called me from Germany this lunchtime to tell me that her interview was a success and she'll be starting a new job teaching over there next January.
She's back home tomoz so I had to get work quickly on a congratulations card. She'll have to get going learning German so I thought I'd give her a head start. My german is v limited - I only remember 2 songs from my German gcse! One about having an auntie in Morocco and one about about the hat with corners. Had to go to google translate to find the German word for 'congratulations' .
~Edit - just realised I'd forgotten the umlauts (sp?) - they're on now.
The flowery paper is one of my faves - I only have half a sheet left now (sob!). ITs from Cosmo Cricket's jitterbug range.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Baby Granny

It's been a busy old crafting day to day. I think I must be in a minority when I say that I really do not like the sunshine. IT gives me a headache! So I've loitered indoors all day enjoying the natural light through the windows instead.

I'm contemplating putting a scrapbook together for Granny's birthday - I posted a page of Granny and Grandad on their honeymoon a while ago so I could add that one in too. Will just have to see if I have time- if not, it may have to wait for Christmas.

Anyhow, here's a picture of her when she was a baby (1920). Bless her. I started the journalling but wanted to check if she knew the time and place of birth so have left it to be finished when I speak to her next.

Good Luck

My youngest sister flew out to Germany this morning for an interview at a German school. She has another (in Germany) at the end of the week so this was a good luck card for both of them.

I made it using Penelopes Potpourri: Perfect Petals by s.e.i. The pink spotty paper is the reverse side of the floral one.

Flower Cards x3

I've decided cards to make in 3s now

  • one for the box at work
  • one for a box at my sisters school
  • one for a batch to be used as a raffle prize at the school summer fayre

So here's 3 flower cards. Sorry for the poor qaulaity of the 3rd one

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Fairy Cakes by Tom

Hello ladies these are some cakes that i have made today.They are for my school disco.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New Baby Card

My friend Angela from Uni has had a baby boy so I thought I'd make her a little card to congratulate. I'm getting quite used to making 'boy cards' now girls seem very rare in my circle of friends! There's only boys in my son's generation of the family too.

I've also made a general card to go in the card box at work - no it's not on its side - that is the right way up and I'm not too sure about it tbh

rk -

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Railway Model

"& son" has been away visiting his godparents this weekend. I'd like to be able to tell you that I made good use of the time that gave me, that I tidied the house and then did lots of crafting. Sadly I can't - I spent the whole of Saturday in the pub watching rugby. The British Lions were rubbish but I was so pleased that England won against Argentina (yes, yes, I know there was also a football match on - I did manage to swivel my head to see the exciting bits of that too).

Anyhow, his Godfather is a keen railway modeller so they've been working on a little project. And here it is!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Crafty Place - June Challenge Entry - Summer

Why not pop along to the crafty place. There's challenges and swaps galore!

This is my entry for the summer challenge over there.

I've never used this type of paper before and was hoping that having something with a bit of structure to it would make laying out a bit easier - no chance!

I do like the papers though. I bought them from "3 Jolly Crafters" - whose service is second to none!

Tha main paper is Dream Street; Bright n Sunny - Recipe for Fun

The red spotted paper used for lettering and accents is also dream street ; Bright n Sunny -- Bowl of Cherries

A little bit pf basic grey 'cupcake' and

A tag from an SEI 'Aunt Gerti's Garden' tag sheet

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Help! I've gone all girly!

2 girly cards in one night. Thanks again to OAP's stash swap, I seem to have got a bit carried away with the pink.

The first card is my entry to the MSE 'sketch challenge' - thanks Flourgirl!.
I've used some pearlescent pink paper and paper lace from OAP's stash and some of the Crate Paper that I nought from 3 Jolly crafters in their Bank Holiday sale. I've never used crate paper before but am very impressed with the quality. The floral paper is called 'Rain'. The dotty one 'cloud' They're both from the blue hill collection - wish I'd bought more!

The second card is similar to the fathers day one I made but I though I'd try and see whether it worked hinged the other way - and it does. This one's going to go in the craft box at work.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mum's on the Mend

Mum's out of hospital.

They kept her in overnight because they were worried because she couldn't remember anyhing about her fall - she fell of a wall in the garden - about 3ft tall - cut her head open and cracked some ribs.

I couldn't visit her as the hospital has a rule that no children are allowed on the wards- I can see their point in some ways but really what's a single Mum to do when she needs to visit someone!

This is the 'Get Well' card that I made for her in lieu of a visit. I made it using stash from the Crafty place stash swap - Thanks Toni!

You can't really tell but its decoupage - I love the card blank - its pearlescent pink.

Monday, 1 June 2009

MSE 'Male Card' Challenge Cards

What a day! '& son' has been off school today with a poorly tum. I've been trying to work from home but think I'm coming down with something too. Mum's had a fall and is currently in A&E so to take our minds off things we've both made our fathers day cards for the MSE challenge.