Sunday, 21 June 2009

Assessing Deliverables

Had my project management hat on this weekend First I assessed the current situation;

My album has 15 leaves, I have 5 completed layouts.
Then the available resource;
Mum and Dad are going to Granny's on Friday so I have to have it ready and wrapped by Thursday evening. So 1 weekend and 1 full evening available.

I realised if I was going to try and get all that done this scrapbooking business might not be so much fun!
So I've decided to remove 5 leaves from the album. Leaving 5 layouts to do.
Here's 2 from yesterday / today. Am going to try and get at least one other done this evening.
Guess who bought some card candy today! Popped into the craft den looking for some papers suitable for retro seaside pics but had no luck. Still it was worth the visit. I'll deffo be back for some more colours now I've tried them.
First up - the betrothed page - not 100% happy with the wording as it's merging into the background but it will just have to do. The first picture is of Granny and Grandad when they were engaged. The second is when they went on holday before they were married and had to take Granny's Granny and brother as chaperones. Papers from my Costco collection.

Secondly; Family;
Was going to put a picture of Granny and her Mum at Mum's wedding on this page then decided it would be nicer to have the whole family group. Paper by Crate Paper: Sweet Branch Collection - Flutter. Card candy by Craftwork Cards from the Craft Den.

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  1. Every page has been very special, your Granny will treasure her album.