Monday, 15 June 2009


My sis called me from Germany this lunchtime to tell me that her interview was a success and she'll be starting a new job teaching over there next January.
She's back home tomoz so I had to get work quickly on a congratulations card. She'll have to get going learning German so I thought I'd give her a head start. My german is v limited - I only remember 2 songs from my German gcse! One about having an auntie in Morocco and one about about the hat with corners. Had to go to google translate to find the German word for 'congratulations' .
~Edit - just realised I'd forgotten the umlauts (sp?) - they're on now.
The flowery paper is one of my faves - I only have half a sheet left now (sob!). ITs from Cosmo Cricket's jitterbug range.


  1. Congratulations to your sister, the card is perfect. Glad I don't have to craft in German - far too many long words for my liking ;) x

  2. yeah - I thought that too. Then I realised 'congratulations' has 3 more letters!