Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mum's on the Mend

Mum's out of hospital.

They kept her in overnight because they were worried because she couldn't remember anyhing about her fall - she fell of a wall in the garden - about 3ft tall - cut her head open and cracked some ribs.

I couldn't visit her as the hospital has a rule that no children are allowed on the wards- I can see their point in some ways but really what's a single Mum to do when she needs to visit someone!

This is the 'Get Well' card that I made for her in lieu of a visit. I made it using stash from the Crafty place stash swap - Thanks Toni!

You can't really tell but its decoupage - I love the card blank - its pearlescent pink.


  1. That's a lovely card - I adore the smirk range :)
    Hope your mum has a speedy recovery x

  2. Aww bless the card is lovely and I really hope that your mum is on the mend soon xx

  3. Such a pretty card, your mum will love it. So sorry to hear of her fall, hope she gets better super fast x

  4. Lovely card...wish your mom a speedy recovery