Tuesday, 16 June 2009


My Granny's birthday is in June not July!

How did I get that so wrong?

So, if I'm to giver her her scrapbook for her birthday, I have to 12 layouts in the next 9 days!

I'm going to give it a try though. Would it be rubbish to give someone a scrapbook with some empty pages at the back? I could give her some extra pages for Christmas then.

So here's the first of 12. How smart does my Grandad look with his gloves? And how beautiful and young my Granny looks! I can tell you I shed a tear (just a little one) doing this layout - they were so much in love!

Papers from my Costco collection and the paper lace was from Oap on the Crafty Place Forum. She sent me it in the stash swap and I've used it all up now. Will have to buy myself some as I really liked using it.

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  1. Your Grandad looks very smart and your Grandma looks beautiful. Good luck with the rest of the pages.