Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Let it Shine

So, my plan for this years Christmas card was that I would come up with a design and do them all the same.  Brilliant idea!
I went to a papercraft show at the Doncaster Domw and saw this amazing glitter and thought I'd make a simple black card with a glittery white snowflake on.  Another good idea.
And then it all went wrong, I ran out of time,  I couldn;t get the glitter to work properly, the black and white paper I'd bought to use on the cards wasn't the same white as the snowflakes. 
I only made 2 of this type but have carried on the snowflake theme.
I'd like to enter this collecion for the OAP1945's MSE Challenge - Let it shine - as they're all sparkly.

Sorry these last 2 are sideways - I tried to rotate them but blogger was having none of it and am just too tired to argue tonight!


  1. Lovely cards, I too went for a snowflake theme this year, thanks for joining the challenge :)