Monday, 28 September 2009

A major life event

You know how there are certain moments in your life when you realise that everything has changed - well I had one of those today and all becaue "&son" made me something.  Not your average crafty giftbut something even more important than that. 
Today "&son" made me a cup of tea for the first time!
He's been mithering me for a while to be allowed to do it but I've always been too worried about the potential for scalding.  Then over the weekend, he asked me to show him exactly how it was to be done.
Then today, we're sat watching yesterdays x-factor and he asks, and I say yes!  You only live once!
And here it is......

My little boy is all grown up (how long do you think before I could train him to iron his own uniform)


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't wait for my boys to be big enough to make me one of those! Looks a fab cuppa too, hope you enjoyed every last drop x

  2. I know how you feel - DD started making coffee in the summer holidays.

    You're supposed to give your children wings and let them fly but it's hard sometimes :c)

  3. oooh lucky you! DS2 asked at the week end when he could do the ironing - I should have jumped at the chance shouldn't I?!! It is hard when to let them do things though... well done on your DS for a perfect cup of tea!

  4. My son has never learnt the art of making tea, or coffe for that matter and he is 25 in November!!! so I'd say 'Yes' every time and enjoy!! Lynne xx