Thursday, 24 September 2009

Wedding Cards + MSE Cutoffs Challenge

My box of cards at work ran out of wedding type cards just before I went on holiday so I thought I'd better make some more - I made the white card first but liked it so much I made a variation on the theme.  The pewter card is pearlescent - don;t know if that shows up too well and the die-cuts are by Lily of the Valley. 

I also made an anniversary type card.  Which I thought could also be used for an engagement.

Then another notebook - not so happy with this one - didn't occur to me that if I punched the bottom it would mean that paper would show quite that much - will have to remember to punch before sticking it to the pad next time!

And finally, my MSE challenge card to make a card from off-cuts from other projects.  I hope this counts - most of my cards are from off-cuts anyway - its very rare that I start a new piece of paper off.  Anyhow, I've been cutting any small scraps into squares for a while now as I've been meaning to do a mosaic effect on a scrapbook page.  The letters are off-cuts too in a way as they're cut out on the cuttlebug from a die that has 4 letter per die so you end up cutting out more letters than you actually need. You can see a 'P' and an 'H' came from the wedding cards and notepad above.  I keep them all in a box and was hoping they'd "come in useful" - and they have - although I did have to cut an 'A' and a 'Y' out I was short of those - I'm hoping those 2 letters will count as the die-cut I'm supposed to be using as part of the challenge.


  1. fab cards and notebook! I love the lily of the valley die cuts they are so cute! the paper on the notebook is lovely!

  2. Wow, you've been busy again!!! Love all your cards and I think your notebook looks fab with the paper showing x

  3. you have been really busy and I think the sedding cards are stunning. Scrap card is a great idea using squares might pinch that idea!

  4. Fab cards I love your scrap one what a good idea.

  5. Loving the wedding cards!! I'm sure I've got those lily of the valley die cuts somewhere... must hunt thru my stash!!

    Also love your MSE scrap card - very clever & looks fab!

  6. You busy lady, they are all fab. What a great idea for your scraps card.