Saturday, 10 October 2009

More Card Reconstruction than card making I'm afraid

"&son" wanted to do some crafting today and the thing he wanted to use has been missing since last Christmas - I had a niggling feeling that I hadn't found all my Christmas stash yet so I thought I'd better have a look for it.  Found it.  OMG - how much stuff do I have so I've been galvanised into action on the Christmas card front.
To say I had made these cards would be pushing the truth a little.  I bought 10 boxes of cards for a pound on the last day of trading at my local woolworths.  Why??  Anyhow, I thought I'd send them to the school Christmas fair but when I looked at one box they were particularly awful - these were "hand finished luxury cards"

Now I know my finishing isn't perfect on some of my cards - things aren't sometimes straight and I'm by no means a perfectinist but really!  Look at the finish on this - the topper is not straight and the ribbon has been stuck down with white tape that has been out on so badly that it's clearly visible at the top of the card

So I've had a go at making them a bit nicer - I was thinking 50p each for these ones as a guide price for the school fair - what do you think?  I cut the front of the card, straightened up the toppers and added them to a window card embossed with snowflakes on my cuttlebug.

I've also been trying to make a Christmas card for a child - its a blog challenge somewhere but I've forgotten quite where and have probably missed the deadline but I need some help.  I started off with an embossed sheet of paper - I'm sorry, I don;t know the name as Saveapenny did  it for me a while ago on her bug.  I thought it was a bit too much all at once so cut out a couple of swuares for use on other cards but the remaining shape reminded me of a window so I thought I'd use that as the basis for the card.  The card blank reminds me of snowflakes and I've put a Christmas tree in the window.  But what should I put in the top of the window?  Any suggestions gratefully received.

Finally, I've added my card to my previous blog post - it was hiding in another folder on my PC.


  1. They look much better after a bit of tweaking! I've just had a quick search and I think the challenge you're talking about is the Lili of the Valley one here: x

  2. Wow, they look so much nicer, fab idea to alter them and 50p is a bargain x

  3. fab cards Louisa, love the chunky gold ribbon! x

  4. I see some 'handcrafted' items at extortionate pries and wonder how they have the cheek. No pride or finishing off like you say. Your cards look so much better after you tweaked them.

    For the bottom card I'm seeing angels... little chubby angels - I know not why, I think I'm blaming Green Pixie after her amiguramie (sp?) angels. Or a greeting in a different colour -red maybe to contrast with the green. Or a big star/row of smaller stars as it's near the top of the tree. Feel free to ignore me, I'm SO not a card maker :D

    And yes - we so need to get a team like a chain gang going. Someone to start us off on crochet we do the middle bit and someone to finish it off for us :D