Thursday, 8 October 2009

Red Cross Box

Gosh, how time flies.  I've set myself a target of sending my sis a "red cross box" out to her every fortnight.  She's working so hard - 14 hour days, 7 days a week so I like to send her something out to cheer her up.  It was the notepad last time but this time I'm sending her some scrapbook pages to add to the scrapbook I sent out in her first box.

I don't think I've done 2 LOs in one night for a long time and I seem to have just lost 4 hours of my life but here they are.....

My sisters youngest is the spitting image of her when she was little so I've deliberately mixed their names up.  "& son" doesn't get humour that isn't toilet related so he thinks I'm going senile and genuinely can't see that one of them has 70s trousers on.  Background paper from my stash - I drew the question marks on myself.  Chicks also from stash.  Alphas by Stickopotamus.

And here's one pf her eldest with some produce from her garden that she worked so hard on all year and didn't really get to see the fruits of her labours as she was deployed before harvest time.  Background paper, flower and grass from My Minds Eye Bloom & Grow.  Letters and leaves cut out by cuttlekids machine - shh don't tell "& son".

I'll be sending this card out with the parcel too - its my first proper stab at "colouring in" for a while (since primary school maybe?) altho its amazing how things come flooding back.  "&son" was astonished by my ability to play both the main menoldy and the descant harmony of "utumn Days" a fave hymn from my prmary school days.  I'd not attempted it for 30+ years and got most of the notes right!  the lovely image below was sent in a stash swap parcel from cazarol and was coloured in with the latest love of my life - promarkers!

EDIT (DOUBLE DAMN - THERE WAS OBVIOUSLY A PIECE OF DST BACKING ON THE SCANNER - I suppose this could be a new gmae - spot the DST backing on the LO!)


  1. 2 lovely pages Louisa, and such a lovely thought to send them out to your sister. I love how you've introduced humour to the first LO x

  2. Beautiful pages, you are so thoughtful to send your sister such thoughtful pressies x

  3. Lovely pages and a lovely idea to send them to your sister, very thoughtful and personal x

  4. they are gorgeous, your sister will love them :) xx

  5. Two smashing scrap pages that will be treasured.