Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My exciting Sunday afternoon

Wow wasnt it great weather at the weekend ~(if you like that kind of thing) I'm not a big fan of getting hot so whilst everyone else enjoyed barbecues, I sat in my craft room on the shady side of the house (with the window wide open as a nod to the weather)

I spent the afternoon making this pressie for my b-i-l.  His birthday was earlier in the month but I won;t see him until this weekend.  I asked my sis what he would like and she said "sweeets" - so here they are!  The hobby case was from Home Bargains (where else!) and cost £2.99 I think. 

So this is the exciting bit, I found out that my cricut and my cuttlebug will both cut sticky back plastic.  I had a roll with sweeties on to cover the top of my ex-classroom storage unit and I've now found a way to use up the off-cuts.  The letters are cut from the cricut (Opposites attract cart) the sweeties from Celebrations Cart. 

I've covered the inside too

And I've sealed the pretzel bags that the lovely Rusty sent me using Nesties labels. 

Hopefully he'll let me help him eat them - I love those toasted teacakes!


  1. Wow what a lovely gift idea, the lettering etc is brilliant, i've never seen sticky back plastic with sweets on it's so cool!!

  2. Wow this looks fab, loving the lettering and a perfect pressie! x

  3. Looks great, love the lettering

  4. What a fantastic pressie x

  5. What a great idea - I might need to borrow (ahem!) this for my OH's Christmas present. Love it. Jaqui x