Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I'm most proud of making........

this beautiful boy!  Although to be fair I did have some help.

He'll kill me for sharing this photo when he's a bit older but I caught him with my hat on on the sofa on Sunday night.  Snuggled up ready for the x-factor result.

He's such a funny boy - I promised him a treat in home bargains today (I'm trying to distract him in there so he doesn't see the archaeology kit I've bought him for Christmas) and of all the things in there, he chose a little organiser box for 49p which he says he's going to use to keep all his 'crafty bits and bobs' in.  Or a "thinks" box (I promise this will become cleare in the next couple of days!)


  1. Aww bless - he's really handsome! I have some really embarrassing photos of my younger brother from when I dressed him up as a kid which i'll dig out for his 18th lol ;-P x

  2. I have a thinks box from your beautiful boy!!!