Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The trickiest type of card......

..........a card for a fellow card maker.

I've been down to visit my Granny over Easter.  It was lovely, we took her out for a couple of day trips, ate too much chocolate, lost &son for 45 minutes on Aldburgh beach (ok that wasn't fun - I was nearly frantic - he's decided to go and have a look around a classic car show whilst I turned my back to help Granny on to the prom with her 'walker').
Granny had proudly displayed the Mothers Day Card I'd made for my Mum to give to her and a card made by my Aunt for Mothers Day.  My Aunt is very talented but you know how sometimes, you can appreciate someones work but it's just not to your taste.
Like a fool, I offered to make a card for Granny to give t my Aunt on her upcoming birthday - I thought it would save her a trip to the shops but as soon as I got home I realised the enormity of the task ahead - Anyhow, I've tried to keep it true to my style and I'm sure she'll think it's very simple and won;t be able to tell that I've spent a whole evening fretting over it as it looks like it was thrown together.  Hey-ho, life's too short.

spotty paper - Crate Paper
Stamped image from Crafty Place Stash Swap,
Lettering - Bloom (Sizzix Sizzlets)

While I'm hear, I'll just quickly post the pics of some Easter baskets I made for the girls at work.  How cute are those bunnies.  Thanks Mr Cricut!

Ooh and some very exciting news, well I think so, I've just agreed to purchase my very own expression machine from a lady on ukscrappers.  Technically it's 3rd hand because she bought it from the marketplace herself but it comes with 10 cartridges.  I'd have only been able to afford 3 for the same money new. 


  1. I think the card is loverly, your aunt can't fail but love it.. the baskets are rather lovely too.
    Lucky you getting an expression machine.. wow! Sounds like a bargain to me.. Waiting with baited breath to see your creations :D Christine x

  2. I love the card, gorgeous blue shades! Very pretty baskets too and you're getting your very own machine, well done you!!!

  3. Lovely card and those baskets are just too cute. Well done on your purchase, sounds like you've a real bargain there. x

  4. Lovely card, I'm sure your aunt will love it. Very nice Easter baskets also!!

  5. Super card, I love the colour of the paper you've used. Great Easter baskets!

  6. lovely card and baskets louisa :) xx

  7. Your card looks fab as do your baskets.

  8. Your cards are beautiful and the baskets are gorgeous x