Wednesday, 10 March 2010

WOYWW - Buttons!

Not much room for anything else apart from buttons at the moment! 
I'm waiting for some jewellery wire for necklaces to arrive - it should be here tomorrow - but in the meantime I thought I'd try and choose the buttons.  There's just too many to choose and there are some more somewhere - I have a box with my "bestest" ones in but I can't find it at the mo.  Harumph!

I was trying a bt of distraction therapy really - I should have been writing a letter for the sympathy card on my desk but couldn't face it.  I just don't know what to write - in fact I don't even know if I should write.  I stopped to help at an RTA on Saturday evening and there was a fatality.  I'm a bit of a mess about it all - there wasn't much I could do more than hold their hand and comfort them whilst the emergency services arrived but should I write to the family to let them know that someone was there? - put their minds at rest.  But would that really help?  Am I doing it more for me than them?  I'm wondering whether writing stuff down would be cathartic.  I think I have to do it now or I'll possibly regret it but I don't even know where to send the letter to.  Making the card was a bit of therapy in itself. 

Sorry to end on a bit of a downer - lets hope I'll have some nice button jewellery and a sunnier outlook to share with you tomorrow.


  1. Wot a lot of buttons:-)

    Huge hugs to you - I would write everything down (it helps me), you can then decide on whether or not to send the letter later on - one step at a time.

    Thinking of you xxx

  2. Oh my goodness what a horrible experience - hoping you are ok ((hugs)).

  3. A bit late to comment but if I'd been bereaved in that way I'd be glad to know that someone was there & cared enough to try to help. The Police will probably be able to advise on delivery or pass on for you if you decide to send. (Hugs) for you.

  4. DTB I would be grateful to know that there was someone there holding my loved ones hand in there time of need. I would write it and see how you feel afterwards. Jaqui x