Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The art of Crochet?

It's been a long standing ambition of mine to learn to crochet but I keep on trying and getting nowhere.  I rarely see adverts on the tv but spotted one after Christmas for ' The art of Crochet'  It seemed perfect having a dvd with the first edition so I could actually see how it worked rather than have to imagine it from pictures in a mag.  Sadly, everyone else thought it sounded like a good idea too and it was impossible to get hold of.  Mum was put on the case and she tried newsagents across Sheffield to no avail.  And then I struck lucky.
Over on MSE there is a thread called Learning to Crochet and I'd been popping in now again to see if there were any updates on stock availability.  Then a lovely lady on there called magpye offered me her dvd and magazine and promptly sent them off to me.  I've been doing my best ever since to make something impressive but to date have not even mastered casting on neatly enough.  But I'll keep trying!  Nothing beats me in the end!
I made this card to say thank you.  The card blank is pre-printed with gold swirls.  The flower fairy was from 'Lets Make Cards' and the ribbon was from a cracker at Christmas (I'm going to end up on the life of grime at this rate if I don;t learn to start throwing stuff away).  It's not really tied in a bow, I just pushed the ribbon through the hole in the sentimenet but I like the full effect of the 'bow'.  Sometime soon I'm hoping to have crotcheted flowers on my cards.  Some day......


  1. Dawny, try this you tube quick video which shows you how to cast on and get the tension for your first set of chain stitches. It will feel funny at first.


  2. What a lovely card, I love the swirls x
    I'd love to learn how to crochet.

  3. What a pretty image. Good luck with learning to crochet, you'll get there soon. Hugs Annexxx

  4. Wow love the fairy!! beautiful card xx

  5. thats so gorgeous, love the flower fairy :) xx

  6. Ooh what a lovely card.

    I tried to get hold of this mag also. In the end i bought number 2 then subscribed from number 1 ;O) Im still waiting for it to arrive and cant wait to try crocheting.That will be my new thing to learn this year, well one of my ever growing list :O)