Thursday, 14 January 2010

MSE KISS Challenge

Sadly, I wasn't challenged to Kiss David Tennant for 24 hours.  SOB I Still haven't got over New Years Day  - "I don;t want to go!" SOB.  But enough of all that....

The challenge on MSe was to make a simple card - thanks to TomsMum for setting the challenge

Imagine you're just starting out with your card making and you haven't got much in your stash, see what you can do with the minimum amount of stuff.

1) Try and use card stock that doesn't need covering with backing papers (but they're not excluded).
2) Stick to just two or three things to put on,

This is my effort. 

The card came free with a magazine - probably the flower fairies edition of Let's make Cards
Stamped image by inkinadoo
Spotty paper - scrap from stash
Ribbon probably came from the inside of some clothes - I always snipp the little bits of ribbons out to re-use if I'm not going to hang them up - come on who needs hanging ribbon on a pair of pjs!
So all in all it's uite a money saving card too
It's going off to Helmand


  1. Great card - very simple but very elegant. Love the cupcake stamp. Your sister will love it xx

  2. Oh, so cute. Spotty paper too, I love spotty, my fave thing at the moment!

  3. that looks great love the stamp.

  4. Really pretty card, love the image but I love cakes fullstop x