Saturday, 30 January 2010

I sooooo want/neeed a cricut

Lovely Emma has let me borrow her cricut this weekend for a project I have on the go.  I'm making some paper bunting for when my siser returns from Afghanistan.  I asked her whether she'd mind cutting them out for me but she offered to let me borrow the machine instead.  "&son" and I have lusted after it all day.
Trouble is it such an expensive piece of kit - I reckon what she's lent me for the weekend would cost £600 ish in the uk to purchase.  The other trouble is, it's such a marvellous machine - I can almost feel myself justifying that type of spend - and believe me, I really don;t have that kind of money to spare!

I'm going to try and declutter my house this year.  "&son" wants to save up for a wii and I said I'd sell some of his stuff for him on ebay to help him along so maybe I'll set up a cricut fund from ebay profits and see how things go.

Tonight I played about a bit with the fonts.  As the bunting is triangles cut from a 12x12 sheet I had to work out which font would give me the largest letteryet still fit on to the triangle if the letter had a 'broad bottom' like W or M

Off topic I know but when we travel to manchester we always drive to Glossop then catch the commuter train in - it stops at loads of stations with brilliant names but our family favourite is 'Broad Bottom' - "&son" firmly believed it was called 'Wide Arse [said with a Mancunian nasal twang] until he could recognise letter's!

After much faffing I couldn't resist Winter Woodland. which has a bonus font in it.  You can also cut 3d houses, trees etc to make a Christmas scene. 

The bunting is going to be a kind of shaby chic patriotic red white and blue.  As a taster, here is the W scanned in.  You cut out the shadow and the letter separately.  How pretty is that!  It's about 7 inches wide and just over 5 inches tall


  1. Lovely! Patriotic but pretty as well.

  2. Ooohhh I love the colours and pattern you've chosen, beautiful x

  3. WOW!! thats gorgeous, dont forget to post a piccie of the finished project, its going to be fab!! xx

  4. Oooohhh - can't wait to see the completed project. Hugs Annexxx

  5. It's gonna look great when it's finished. Don't forget to post some piccies.