Thursday, 21 January 2010

Proud Mum

My son, Tom has taken it upon himself to sell cards in aid of the Haiti earthquake appeal at his school tomorrow.  He's spent yesterday evening and this evening (once he'd finished school and street dance/cross country) making cards and has managed a staggering 31 cards! 

In on the other hand have amade 1.  Pathetic

Here's a linky to his blog so you can have a look at most of his makes - I found 4 more in his box after he'd gone to bed.

I'm really hoping they sell ok as he's put so much work into it. I've told him that in the unlikely event that he doesn't sell them all, to bring them home and I'll hawk them at work and amongst my friends.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


  1. I think he'll do fine Louisa, kids love to buy things at school. Let us know how he gets on xxx

  2. what a lovely kind thing for Tom to do. Well done Tom xx