Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Glutton for punishment

Well after all the soul searching about knocking my friends Christening card off the "to-do" list, I put myself back to square one today by deciding that i HAD to make a card for my sis for when she goes away. So back to 2 cards to make then. I got them both finished but suspect I'll be up till the wee small hours now - I promised myself I'd stop a 8pm - yeah right!

Both cards are pocket cards but they're very different.

First up is the one for my sis. She's being deployed on Tuesday to somewhere grim and is coming to say goodbye and drop her boys off in Wales at the weekend. I'm planning on putting a teabag and verse in the card on the front - we girls like our "nice cupsy-tea". Main paper by doodlebug.

The last card of mine for a while is for my boy - I ummed and aahed about what to make for him as he's my crafting buddy - its nerve wracking - I guess a bit like when you gie a card to someone who yo know makes cards themselves. He's my best critic. I even considered buying a card from him from the shop because I thought the task was too much!

Anyhow, I made him a pocket card in the end with some paper that he knows is saved for best so I'm sure he'll appreciate it. The lift off tag is going to have a secret message on the back - written with his UV pen just as soon as I can sneak it out from under his pillow. The papers, tag and die cuts on this one are by Cosmo Cricket - Cogsmo: Cogs.


  1. They are fab, lovely idea to make your sister a card x

  2. I love this gorgeous space themed card and the way it opens up, fantastic x

  3. Dawn, brilliant cards, you did the space one well.

  4. oh wow i'm sure they'll love them. That space card is really fab.

  5. Wow ...... Love the cards . Bet they will be well appreciated :O)