Sunday, 9 August 2009

This is why I make cards and not furniture!

Apologies - if the 1st hideous picture shocked you but I had to show you the bad before the good.
Its the result of making flat pack furniture from Ikea and I think I can count 4 blisters - see that just doesn't happen with scrapbooking!
I've been slaving away inside all day whilst the rest of the country enjoyed the sun as "&son" is away until Friday and I wanted to get the craft room ready for his return.

It's done - yay!

Although you should see the state of my landing and his bedroom - I realised about 6pm that I was never going to get it look nice before the end of the day if I tidied away as I went along so in the end I dumped loads of stuff on his bed and on the landing which I will have to sort out tomorrow but I wanted to feel like I had achieved something today - and I have!

I found the project a bit traumatic to be honest, I had to get the 'stardrops' out and scrub at the filthy windowsills and skirting boards. The spare room has been a dumping ground since "&son" moved out of it 5 years ago and into the other bedroom. It used to be his nursery and scrubbing away at the floorboards reminded me of when I was nestbuilding before he came along.

The room really needs to be decorated but that will have to wait. The only sad thing is I'm far too tired to make anything in it now - will save that treat for tomorrow!


  1. Ouch!!! All done now and your room looks fantastic, can we all come round and have a drink to open it properly x

  2. sure - just as soon as the bruise from where I hit myself in the face with a table leg goes down!

  3. Ooh you lucky thing! I want my own craft room but have to make do with my lil drawer unit for now even though I can barely open the drawers it's so jam-packed lol x

  4. A room all to yourself. How lovely, you did a fab job and you have the battle scars to prove it :P

  5. Oh wow !!! It looks fantastic !!

    I am sure 'you & son' will have a great time in here making, lots more fantastic creations :O)

    I wish i had a room i could do this too. Hope your blisters and bruises go away soon.

  6. ouch ouch ouch!!! Room looks fabtastic though!! Wish I could get into my craft room!! My OH says I have to sort it urgently as have now spilt over to the spare room!!! Will post photos if I every sort it out and can get back in!! Wonder how long yours will be so neat & tidy...? hahaha! xx

  7. I bet &son will be chuffed to bits with the new space, well done you for doing it on your own.