Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I love my new button jar.....

Seriously I can't stop looking at it - its nearly good enough to eat!

And thats not all my buttons either - I've kept all the black white, brown and cream ones out so as not to dull the colours.
I think I'm going a bit crazy now - only 9 more days until the end of my stash fast. I nearly cracked yesterday but put everything on a wish list instead. Guess who'll be uploading that to a basket at 12:00:01 on 13/08/09. Still it has made me appreciate what I have a bit more. Maybe I'll have a birthday splurge and then fast again........maybe not!


  1. Fab jar Dawn!! I know how you feel about trying to be good it is soo hard but I also found new ways to enjoy what I had and appreciate my stash goodies!! Good luck!

  2. Love your jar, very practical and gorgeous to look at too x

  3. OOOOh it looks like candy... who needs real sweeties eh?

    Know how you feel, I've been on a stash ban since April - can't wait for September when I get to go mad at Ally Pally :P

  4. i have to get me these jars!!! well done on the stash, if you get weak you could download stuuf for free!