Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Kitty Catrin is nearly 1!

Doesn't time fly - seems like only yesterday that she was pregnant but my best friends little girl is nearly 1. I'm travelling down to Cardiff over bank holiday weekend to attend her Christening and its her birthday the same weekend. I had planned to make 2 cards but I'm feeling a bit jaded and stressed so I've decided to make a birthday card and give her a shop bought Christening one. It's a cop out but I still have to make a card for "&son" before we go away on Friday and I only have 1 evening left to do that - I'm going to see U2 on Thursday!

So here it is.

Shiny card (what is the technical term for that? - its popped out of my head for a while!) and dark pink layer are off-cuts from smirk. Number 1 is cut from a 3 bugs in a rug paper. Card Candy from papercraft cards.
Have a vague idea what I'm going to fo for "&son" but it's not fully formed yet. I'm thinking pocket card.... but what to put in the pocket. hmmmmmm.......


  1. Pearlised card? Lovely Pink shiny card. I love how you have combined the number with the name x

  2. Lucky little girl to get such a sweet card.

  3. Ooohhh, I love this card, fab paper and beautiful card x

  4. Enjoy U2 tomorrow night :) I hope it rocks! I love your card and I think your friend is going to be delighted xx

    P.S Word verification = Harated... Why didn't I get a funny word like you haha!!

  5. OK.. I just went to post the comment and it gave me a different one.. 'Betchess' which immediately made me think of gambling chess but then I realised.. OMG it is swearing at me!