Monday, 3 August 2009

Nearly belated........

Bimey 0 just when I thought I was getting on top of this card to-do list I realised that its one of my bestest friends Birthday tomorrow. Phew - I'd have been so cross with mysaelf if I'd missed it.

"&son" and I have spent a lovely evening in our nowhere near complete craft room having a chatter and a "make". Once again, I'm banned from posting his creation as he wants to do it himself. That boy is going to have a lot of blogging to do when he gets around to it.

Mines here - it's very bright and, rather unusually for me, I love it!

Papers are all by 3 bugs in a rug, paper flowers from Calico craft. Bling from poundland.


  1. what a pretty card, i love the colour of the pink flower.

  2. Very pretty & phew made in the nick of time!! x