Sunday, 15 November 2009

School Christmas Fair

Packs of Magnetic Pegs.  I had these at £1.25 for 3

Dr Who Notepads £1.25 each.  I sold most of these and got the pictures from my desk calendar at work.  The notepads worked out at 5p each and the pens/pencils were around 8p each.  All paper from existing stash

All 3 of these ones sold before they even made it to the sale!

Both Sold

I tried to make a few masculine type notepads but they didn't sell so well.  Lesson learned!

All these girly ones sold though.

Again, the girly ones sold - the car one's didn't.  Lucky for me I have lots of boys in my family that I can give them to!  The pad with the largere flowere on the front was made using the front page of the my MME Bllom and Grow Packs - you know - the one with the barcode on. 

Sold a few Christmas cards too.

Some more notebooks that have found a new-home

Apologies for the messiness of this post.  _ I think blogger must be having a bad afternoon.  Either that or its a bit over-excited about the new Dr Who episode this evening (much as I am) it would only agree to me posting pics if it also posted the picture of the Dr Who notebooks on each occasion so I've had a lot of deleting to do!


  1. lots of great stuff there, well done :) xx

  2. It all looks great isn't it funny how you can never guess what will sell.

  3. You;ve been busy!!! Everything looks great, so glad you had a good sale x