Wednesday, 25 November 2009

WOYWW + Tutorial (of a fashion!) - Lollipop 3d card

I've had a couple of requests for instructions on how to make my "special Christmas Card".  I can't claim the idea is 100% mine - I saw some cards at the Papercraft show in harrogate that had loads of folds on the front to carry a message so it looks 3d and it kind of got me thinkig about making lollipop flowers to go in a fold.  Then, the idea progressed to Christmas.

The cards I've made so far have been with prefolded tri-fold cards from my trusty home bargains - where else! but when I came to try and do these instructions I realised I had no more left in white.  What a shame - I'll have to go back and have another look around ;-).  So I've tried it with a piece of white A4 card and it kind of works.  So here goes

First up - score your card into thirds ^^^

And fold

Then score and fold the front third in half so it looks like this  ^^^^^^^^

To make the snowy hillside I drew free-hand, and then cut a piece of white card - this was an A5 pece of white card and is the off-cut from the first Christmas card I made - see there's no wastage in this household!

I'll come back to this later but it's a good idea to offer it up to your card at this stage to make sure it fits.

Now, this is the bit I fear I'll struggle to explain - put a piece of DST on either side of the fold 2/3 of the way down the page.  Like this ^^^^^^

Make your Christmas trees by sticking a cut tree onto a lollipop stick.  I use DS and stirrers bottowed from CostaCoffee (well I pay enough for my daily hot choc!)

Oopsy - I forgot to stick the backing sheet snowy sky on! 
Now squeeze together the two pieces of DST to hold your lollipop sticks in place

And now for a bit of squeeze and tease - oo-er missus
Basically just bend the card until it stand up right

Then add on the front - I double embossed front with sowflaks and swiss dots on the cuttlebug and the die cut is embossed with Christmas stars.

I'm thinking with this one that I'll put a star on a wire at the top but I can't find my cutters so I'll have to do that tomorrow.

Please let me know if there is anything that I haven't made clear and I'll try and add it in.

If you like this idea please use it - I'd really like it if you could link back to this thread though

Ooh and before I forget, I remembered to do my first WOYWW - thanks for the reminder Carmen

Hmm - any chance of chance of a 'how to kepp your dek tidy' tutorial?  Anyone???


  1. If you think that's bad you haven't seen mine. Really embarrasing but might post a pic later . all the stuff i brought upstairs last week was put on the desk downstairs by my sons this week. Looks like local tip lol.

  2. Thanks for the great instructions, I'll have a go at making one at the weekend and post the results on my blog - i'm sure it will be nowhere near as good as yours xx

  3. Well I don't really do card crafting but I understood all if your tutorial, which is fab - so think you've explained everything really well - desk is looking crafty - just as a craft desk should! :o) I love the trees on their lolly/coffee stirrer sticks x Shell x

  4. Great tutorial..and your desk looks like a work in progress too - a new project on it already. Impressive!

  5. that desk looks highly productive!! Love that little hand drawn face on the wall!! ;-) And that card looks fabulous - must try that technique one day.

  6. Aw thanks Sam - that's a self portrait by my boy entitled 'Bored'

  7. Love the tutorial. What a great idea. Must have a go at something in those lines and will let you know if I do. A x

  8. Fab instructions, may have a go x